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MSA 1000 does SSP works over cascaded fibre switches ?

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Mathias Kopyczynski
Occasional Visitor

MSA 1000 does SSP works over cascaded fibre switches ?


i want to extend an existing MSA 1000,
cause a have to add more nodes in a clustered environment.

Everything is clear to me,
excepting one.

Imagine this .

MSA1000 with scsi3 hdds
integrated fibre switch (8Ports) in first slot
integrated fibre switch (8Ports) in second slot

these switches do have uplinks to several fibre switches, so:

fibre switch 16 ports, uplinked to first, integrated switch.
fibre switch 16 ports, uplinked to second, integrated switch.


Now, i want to dedicate certain partitions/raids
by using the selective storage presentation, SSP, to all servers, that are connected.

Here´s my question:

Does the msa be able to get the hba ids of all servers, although servers are only connected to outsided fibre switches (16 port)?

Would be great, if someone can help me.

Mathias Kopyczynski

Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: MSA 1000 does SSP works over cascaded fibre switches ?

That should work, provided that the access is not blocked via zoning in the fibre channel switches.

Please put any ASCII drawings in a small .TXT file and add it as an attachment to the normal reply, because multiple spaces in the normal text entry field get collapsed as you can see.