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MSA Fabric Switch 6 ?

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Roy Love

MSA Fabric Switch 6 ?

I need some help finding current information and firmware for a MSA Fabric Switch 6 that is a part of a packaged cluster. The switch is part of the MSA1000 Chassis. The firmware version installed is 101G06 and seems to be quite old since the COMPAQ logo is on the screen.

My goal is to upgrade the switch and controllers in the MSA1000 to the latest firmware and drivers.


Basil Vizgin
Honored Contributor

Re: MSA Fabric Switch 6 ?

MSA Fabric Switch 6 is retired product.
Jefferson Humber
Honored Contributor

Re: MSA Fabric Switch 6 ?


Like Basil has mentioned the Switch6 is a retired product now, I'm unaware of any URL's which can offer support for this item.

The controllers are easy enough to upgrade though, use the following link to get a F/W kit ;〈=en&cc=us

One option would be to replace the Switch6's for Switch2/8 or FC I/O modules for the MSA, which are both still supported by HP.

Good luck,

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Roy Love

Re: MSA Fabric Switch 6 ?

Thanks to all!