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MSA StorageWorks 2012fc i cant create a virtual disk

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MSA StorageWorks 2012fc i cant create a virtual disk



Im trying to create a virtual disk using the Managment with the automatic and manual metod, but in this case i will discribe the data i put in Automatic Metod


Virtual Disk Name : Prueba

Fault Tolerance : Medium

Minimun Siseof of VD : 100

Number of Volumes : 1

Size of Each Volume : 100


Click Create Virtual Disk


A pop up appers and says that it need 10 second to create it ... the pop up closes and do nothing ...

when i list the virtual disk the report says there is no VD created.


What can i do ?

May update the software resolve it ? How can i update it ?



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Re: MSA StorageWorks 2012fc i cant create a virtual disk

From the Monitor section of the SMU web page, click on Event Log.  Perhaps there is something being logged that will help you.


Otherwise you could access the storage system via CLI and manually create your vdisks and volumes.


Reference the help pages:

  help create vdisk

  help create volume


HP publishes a CLI reference guide as well.  Search for "2000 Family Modular Smart Array CLI reference guide" to find it.



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Re: MSA StorageWorks 2012fc i cant create a virtual disk

It is possible that the vdisk which you are trying from the disks available has medium errors or it is about to fault or reached the threshold.


Check the Events for Disk detected error (Severity: Informational / Error Number: 58).

If there are multiple instances of such errors, it would be wise to proactively replace the disk.


If you do not find such errors in the events:

Could you please, post current firmware the controllers are on? or if you can perform following and see if it resolves your issue:

- Open a command prompt or Telnet clinet like PuTTY.

- Enter IP address of Controller A or B

- type restart mc a (It will restart the management interface of controller A)

- re-login type restart mc b  (It will restart the management interface of controller B)


Try to create a vdisks and check if it works out.

If not,

reboot both the storage controller one at a time and see if that helps!

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Re: MSA StorageWorks 2012fc i cant create a virtual disk

i fix the error changing how IE stored browsing web pages changing the option to never store temporary files


Internet Options >  Browsing history > Settings > Check for newer versions of stored pages > never