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MSA1000 - Switch 2/8 Port 0 reserved for internal use?

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Ian Dennison_1
Honored Contributor

MSA1000 - Switch 2/8 Port 0 reserved for internal use?

Hi, I am examining a new MSA1000 recently rolled out to 2 x Win2003 boxes. The "switchshow" below shows Port 0 allocated, yet I can physically only see Ports 1-7 on the Fibre Switch itself.

I have looked through the MSA1000 documentation and there is nothing that indicates what Port 0 is doing. Any hints?

Thanks, Ian

-switch1:admin> switchshow
switchName: -switch1
switchType: 18.2
switchState: Online
switchMode: Native
switchRole: Principal
switchDomain: 1
switchId: fffc01
switchWwn: 10:00:00:60:69:ca:2f:aa
switchBeacon: OFF
Zoning: OFF
port 0: cu N2 Online F-Port 50:08:05:f3:00:0b:3b:71
port 1: id N2 Online F-Port 21:00:00:e0:8b:12:18:f1
port 2: id N2 Online F-Port 50:05:08:b2:00:76:1a:e3
port 3: id N2 No_Light
port 4: id N2 No_Light
port 5: -- N2 No_Module
port 6: -- N2 No_Module
port 7: -- N2 No_Module
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Stephen Kebbell
Honored Contributor

Re: MSA1000 - Switch 2/8 Port 0 reserved for internal use?

Hi Ian,

Port 0 is internal, the MSA1000 controller is connected to it.