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MSA1000 login and password

Steve Coleman_1
Occasional Visitor

MSA1000 login and password

I have an MSA1000 that I am configuraing. I need the default login and password for the MSA1000 through the switch.

I could connect to the CLI very well
C. Beerse
Occasional Visitor

Re: MSA1000 login and password

If you mean access using the `acu` from the (one) connected host, you need the uid and password you gave durint setup of the HP tools on the host. The uid-s you can choose are "administrator", "operator" or "user". During install I gave "Administrator" the root password.

If the host is running linux, start `cpqacuxe` from a prompt (if you need remote access, use `cpqacuxe -R`). Then point your webbrowser to http://host:2301 or https://host:2381/.