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MSA60 want to expand by D2600

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MSA60 want to expand by D2600

Can i expand MSA60 by connect D2600 cascade ? i am not sure ?

Greg Tinker

Re: MSA60 want to expand by D2600

a D2600 is not an expansion shelve - it has its own smart array controller (P121 W 256MB cache if my memory is right.


So no, you would need a expansion shelf for the MSA60 see quickspec for optional hardware

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Johan Guldmyr
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Re: MSA60 want to expand by D2600

Do you have any more details about the P121? I cannot find anything about it. Is that one also installed in the D2700?

Quickspecs says it has "6Gb SAS IO units".


The D2600 can be daisy-chained - so if you have a D2600 you can expand the D2600 with more than one D2600 behind it -> an expansion shelf.


The D2600 is connected to a smart array controller in a server, it's in that controller that you create the RAID.