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Mediainit failure due to 520 bytes per sector

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Paul Middleton
Frequent Advisor

Mediainit failure due to 520 bytes per sector

I'm running into a problem that has appeared on the forums before, but without a clear answer in some regards.
I have a 36Gb Seagate Cheetah Fibre Channel Drive that I want to add to a FC10. For various reasons, I need to do a mediainit on the drive, but the mediainit fails because the bytes per sector is 520 instead of 512.
The Univ of Idaho had a similar problem last year, and their last message said they had received a program from HP to correct the problem. Anyone know what the program is and how to get it??
Yes, I know that the 520 bytes per sector probably means it's set for virtual array use, but I need to reset it for 512.
Any and all help is greatly appreciated.
Paul Middleton
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Eugeny Brychkov
Honored Contributor

Re: Mediainit failure due to 520 bytes per sector

if you would have Command View for disk systems then there's a command JBODfmt which formats individual disk into 512 bytes per sector.
Although manual does not clearly say that FC10 is supported by this CV, there're some examples in it