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Migrating to 36GB drives in array

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Migrating to 36GB drives in array

I have an ML 530 with a Smart Array 4200 controller. The system has two array bays. We're currently using one, at full capactiy: 6 drives, RAID 5 with hot spare. The drives are 18GB drives.

I want to change this to a 36GB drive system. I found in the manual that I could pull out the 18GB drives one at a time, and the system will rebuild them. When they are all replaced with the 36GB drives, I can create a new logical drive with the unused space.

However, I would much prefer to keep it all on one logical drive. What is the best way to migrate from an array with 18GB drives to an array with 36GB drives, while maintaining a single logical partition? I was thinking I could put the 36GB drives in the second array, and somehow migrate the data from the 18GB array. Is this possible? Would it require an OS reinstall, or can I just rebuild array 1 onto array 2?

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Re: Migrating to 36GB drives in array

The way I do that type of thing is with PowerQuest DeployCenter 5.0. I create Network boot disks for my specific Network card (Almost Always a Intel 10/100) when it comes to Proliants. Then I image all partitions to a network share and verify them. Then I restore and resize the drives which includes the system partition and C: D: etc etc...

I am %100 sure this not supported by MIcrosoft or Compaq but to my knowledge Imaging via Ghost or Powerquest Mid-Range products is your best bet..