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I couldn't not find any better place than this forum to post this question.

We've Hitachi AMS 1000 & 2500 and USPV.

Upgrading from ams 1000 -> 2500. Need to migrate date into 2500 in a heterogeneous environment.

What are the possible ways to do it?

1. Connect ams 1000 & 2500 to USPV and clone using ShadowImage
2. Use trucopy between ams1000 -> 2500
3. Conventional migration (on the host side)

Any other possible ways? What do you think is the best way & easy?

Peter Mattei
Honored Contributor

Re: Migration

I cannot find any HP storage product in the list of involved arrays.
Why do you ask this in an HP rather than an HDS forum? ;-)

Cheers Pete
I love storage