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Mixing drives on EVA

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Mixing drives on EVA

Is it recommended to mix 450GB and 600GB disk drives in the same disk group on an EVA6000?

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Re: Mixing drives on EVA


you can do this, there are a number of previous threads which discuss this on this forum including this one which references others :-


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Re: Mixing drives on EVA

Well, this comment can be done without any problem. The case is that we would be wasting disk space of 600GB disks.

VAS between the disks of a Disk Group in the operation of leveling is the only size of the smallest disk from Disk Group from all disks of the same.

For example, if you have a disk group with 3x300GB and add a 500GB disk, the disk will store 500GB of 300GB as much.

Another thing also is to protect the Disk Group, single or double, none is not recommended at all.
If you add two 600GB of doctors and have simple protection, double the reserve's largest disk disk group, which gained only 900GB (2x450GB) and 1200GB which is not what you got.

I recommend you do not do it and you think another Gorup new Disk (minimum 8 disks) if they are of different sizes.