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Model 10 Storage Array won't start up into Grid Manager

David Sherrill_1
Occasional Visitor

Model 10 Storage Array won't start up into Grid Manager

I have acquired a used Nike Model 10 storage array with 10 2-gb disks installed and 2 SPs. Upon hooking up a vt100 terminal directly to SP-A console port and then powering it up (without attaching to host), I get a banner meesage followed by printing of the alphabet up to the letter 'T' then get a 'System Storage Failure, Information Code 0001007f'. I have found in an internet document that this may have something to do with internal licensing and would need to get a properly preparted disk in slot 'A0'. My problem is that after placing each of my 10 disks in A0 and repowering the array, I get the same failure messge each time. Also, all service lights show okay. Any ideas?

Thank you,