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NetRAID and Ultra160 LVD HDD trouble

Vladislav Golovanov
Occasional Visitor

NetRAID and Ultra160 LVD HDD trouble

Im have NetRAID-1 controller (part number D4943) UltraWide2 SCSI bus installed on HP LHPro Server, and Quantum Atlas 2 10k HDD Ultra160 SCSI bus, raid dont resolve this hdd :-(...
NetRAID SCSI ID 7, HDD SCSI ID 4. all setings is default, hdd is single on chanel.
know issues this problem?
Marino Meloni_1
Honored Contributor

Re: NetRAID and Ultra160 LVD HDD trouble


well netraid-1 support ultra/wide scsi disk(40 MB/s) SE, you have a ultra160 hdd, this mean that the communication will be established at the speed of the netraid, the hdd sould be managed by the card, I suppose you have conected a common trail hdd directly to the netraid, try to check for pins bend on the cable connector, check also if the cable have a good terminator on it