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Netware and SATA

Anders Johansen
Occasional Visitor

Netware and SATA


Our server is a brand new proliant ml350 g5, with 2x scsi disks and 4x sata disks.

The 2 x scsi disks is configured with raid 1+0, while the 4 x sata disks is configured with raid 5.

We've installed Netware 6.5 on the scsi disks, only trouble is.. the sata logical drive won't show up anywhere!

When we look at "Devices", we can see one that's named "0x9" (Desc: HP Smart Array E200i Slot 0 LUN 0) which is the scsi 1+0 setup with the right size. And there is one that's named "0xa" (Desc: HP Smart Array E200i Slot 0 LUN 1) which shows 0.00 bytes.

In "monitor", when i look under "storage devices", i can see the "HP Smart Array E200i Slot 0 LUN 1", and beneath it it says "Unindentified Media"

In both the bios and ACU is says that both logical drives is o.k. etc, so i believe there is nothing wrong with the hardware? The firmware for the e200i controller is up-to-date (ver. 1.66).

We also have the latest controller driver for netware.

Does anyone know? HP support couldn't help us