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Nike Disk array has service light turned on

Nike Disk array has service light turned on

Hi guys,

I have an older Nike disk array.
I had to power down the box last weekend.
Since I powered the unit back on, the service light (orange) is on. All of my drives seem OK and I can see all of the data on them.

Is there a way to check what's wrong with the unit?

David Nardi

Re: Nike Disk array has service light turned on

Apearently, you and I are some of the few people who still manage these ancient but trustworthy arrays!! Unfortunately, mine has been offline and unused for some time.

There array could have detected a problem with one of the SP modules. Check that the paths are all detectable and working from host. If you are using both SPs with LVM alternate paths, check both paths. Wouldn't be a bad idea to reseat these (be sure to power them down first).

Also, check for a missing or failed battery backup module. Maybe reseat the unit or check it's ability to carry the array without line power.

I have the User's Guide, it has a lot of information on the array. Unfortunately, the forum doesn't allow uploads of more than 1mb (I tried to send). Send me an email and I'll forward it to you.

Hope this helps,

Re: Nike Disk array has service light turned on

Hi Dave,

Can you send the information to this email address: