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P2000 G3 ISCSI

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P2000 G3 ISCSI

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Hi everyone,


Im looking for a manual that show me how to configure the new P2000 g3 iscsi, it has 4 port by controller, the question is: with two switches and three server how is the best cable configuration. ¿Somebody could explain me why you have to put two subnets and if is possible to put all port on the same network?, this is the example in the best practices but doesnt explain very well.


• Controller A port 0:
• Controller A port 1:
• Controller A port 2:
• Controller A port 3:
• Controller B port 0:
• Controller B port 1:
• Controller B port 2:
• Controller B port 3:


thank you in advance

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Re: P2000 G3 ISCSI

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I suppose the reasoning behind this is to create some redundancy.
If they're all in the same physical network that's an obvious thing you may want to avoid.


Has some explanations of why use multiple subnets (ok it's about the v7000 but this is what showed up on google).





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Re: P2000 G3 ISCSI


You can refer the below PDF, where it has given diagram on connecting switches.






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Re: P2000 G3 ISCSI

that  manual is for the FC/iSCSI combo, but in this PDF (for the 1Gb iSCSI) page 40, for the Dual controller configuration two servers/two switches, the image tells to connect only 2 of 4 ports, can we still connect all ports?