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P2000 G3 SAS (P712m blade) and multipath Redhat Linux 5.

Occasional Collector

P2000 G3 SAS (P712m blade) and multipath Redhat Linux 5.

I have a problem with a multipath implementation on Redhat linux 5. HP stopped support HPDMmultipath with 4.4.1 version, and says that we should use Native Linux DM Multipath for new storage array:

"This is the final release of HP Device Mapper Multipath Enablement Kit.  A new Native Linux Device Mapper Multipath reference guide has been put together.  User can follow the new guide to setup linux Device Mapper Multipath for HP arrays.  The guide will be updated as new arrays are released and with other relevant up-to-date information.  The Native Linux Device Mapper Multipath reference guide can be found on SPOCK both internally and externally at  On the web site, look for “Application Notes” on left hand side and click on “Solutions: Linux”."


But Device Mapper on RHEL 5 and 6 have a bug:

So they resolve the bug in the RHEL 6, but not in the RHEL 5.


Is there anybody who successfully configured multipath on RHEL5 using Native device mapper with P2000 G3 SAS ?


PS.: I also had same problems with RHEL 5 and MSA2423sa, but after installing drivers for P700m controller, multipath started worked fine, because DM after that started use HP iscsi utility hp_scsi_id in the multipath.conf file :