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P2000 G3 via SN6000 FC Switch problem

Lash J

P2000 G3 via SN6000 FC Switch problem

Hi all,

I've got the following to setup.

2 x DL380 G7 with 2 FC Ports running RHEL
1 x MSA P2000 G3 FC
2 x SN6000 FC Switch

FC Connections are as follows:

MSA Controller -> SN6000 FC Switch (Port 0-1)
DL380 G7 -> SN6000 FC Switch (Port 18-19)

I'm setting up the P2000 with SMU, that's already done.

I haven't setup the SN6000 FC Switch yet.

However, the Logged-In leds on the FC Switch are on only for the 'DL380 G7 -> SN6000' connections.

The 'MSA Controller -> SN6000 FC Switch' connections show no connectivity on the FC Switch, and at the Controller level, the leds are constantly blinking which shows it can't get a connection.

Do i need to setup the SN6000 FC Switch in any way for it to 'see' the P2000?

Thanks for any answers