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Performance benchmark

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Performance benchmark

Hi there!
We have installed our oracle9i database;Billing System;on RAID05 disk(Operating system:HP-UX11i). As per my knowledge, RAID5 degrades some performance due to parity checking and our database has been running extremely slow. Is RAID0+1 is right candidate to implement? can RAID05 be converted to RAID0+1.

Waiting for reply.

Leif Halvarsson_2
Honored Contributor

Re: Performance benchmark

RAID 1+0 may give some performance benefit but mostly if your database is very write intensive. Whith reading there i no parity checking in RAID 5. Also note that the RAID 5 write overhed depend on the RAID controller. For example, the RAID5 DP in VA arrays is has a very high overhead but, there is no significant preformance improvement with the EVA Vraid1 compared to Vraid5.