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Performance on RS12FC only 2MB/s??

Occasional Advisor

Performance on RS12FC only 2MB/s??

We have an Novell Cluster (NW5.1; NCS1.01) with 2 nodes. the rs12fc (with additional rs2) is attached over an 6port fc-hub in dual activ cabling-configuration.

In my opinion there should be a performance of up to 50MB/s. But on backup- or copy-shops (local on the cluster) there are only 2MB/s. whats wrong??

Has anyon an idea ??

Thanks Stefan
Terri Harris
Honored Contributor

Re: Performance on RS12FC only 2MB/s??

Just to let you know I moved your other (duplicate) message to Netservers. This is where the Rack Storage/12 and RS12/FC are supported (its not a SAN).