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Power shutdown on rack - SureStore E Disk Array 12H

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Gino Castoldi_2
Honored Contributor

Power shutdown on rack - SureStore E Disk Array 12H


We are planning on a power shutdown to our
Disk Array SureStore E 12H that is attached
to 2 L2000's HP-UX 11.0 running MC/SG as a
two node cluster. The 2 L2000's will be powered
off as well. Basically the whole rack containing all of the CPU's and Peripheral
devices will be shutdown and powered off.

Question, has anyone had any issues/problems with a complete power shutdown on something like this?

Thank you in advance.



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Honored Contributor

Re: Power shutdown on rack - SureStore E Disk Array 12H

Umount your filesystems on the autoraid
(flushed buffers, syncs metadata)
disactivate vgs on autoraid
(so you get no warnings when shutting down the autoraid.)
arraymgr -s shut #12HID
to ensure maps are written from autoraid memory to the disk.
arraydsp #12HID
to ensure the shutdown is complete
shutdown host
Power off rack

It works for me (tm)
Frank Skibbe

Re: Power shutdown on rack - SureStore E Disk Array 12H

The rule for shutdown Disk Array and Server is shutdown first the server than the disk array.
The shutdown of the server like the normal way. The shut down of the disk array could be made over the front panel.
Waiting until the finish came up on the display of the array. Than the data are save.
Power up the other way round.
Power Up the disk array with the power switch. Waiting until the disk array show ready, than power the server and everything work fine after that.