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Price for HP Support on MSA1000 SAN

Occasional Contributor

Price for HP Support on MSA1000 SAN


I have been trying to get a price for hardware / software support on our MSA1000 SAN.
Does anyone have any approximate prices I should be expecting to pay HP for a years support? The prices I have been quoted so far seem ridiculous and I could quite probably purchase another MSA1000 for what HP are quoting (£4000 UK pounds). I get the feeling that our HP account manager doesn't even understand what a SAN is. Is there a specific group within HP that specialise with HP SAN sales / aftersales support?

Our MSA consists of:
MSA30 D-B ENCLOSURE (fully populated)
MSA30 D-B ENCLOSURE (fully populated)
StorageWorks SAN Switch 2/8
StorageWorks SAN Switch 4/8

Any views appreciated.