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Procedure to Insert/Remove SAS Drive in DL360 G5

Dan Robinson_4
Regular Advisor

Procedure to Insert/Remove SAS Drive in DL360 G5

I need to get a ton of data off a DL360 G5 and over to another machine. Based on our network it looks like the fastest way to do this is to:
Stick a spare 300GB SAS drive I have into a free slot on the 360 G5.
Initialize it as a single drive with no RAID
Copy the data to the new drive in Windows.
Remove the drive
Put it into a free slot on the destination machine
Copy the data off.

My question is what is the correct procedure to eject the disk cleanly so as not to panic/BSOD the server?
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Procedure to Insert/Remove SAS Drive in DL360 G5

once configured you'll have to let the box complain since if you tell it to remove it you could delete the jbod settings from the disk, you could delete the vol from disk manager then delete the jbod after removal though you may need a disk in the slot to do this, not sure if that controller will allow you to delete a physically missing unit, it may since it has no resiliance.
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