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RA4100 Firmware

Gary Trotter
Occasional Visitor

RA4100 Firmware

Hi all

Is it possible to downgrade the RA4100 controller firmware from v2.60 to v2.58?

Booting with the options rompaq disk containing v2.58 doesn't allow me to downgrade the firmware....

Thanks in advance
Leon Rosier
Respected Contributor

Re: RA4100 Firmware

Hi try following:

look on the diskette for the config.sys file, there might be a line like this:
shell=rompaq.exe /l:us /!

ADD /x to this line so it will look like this:
shell=rompaq.exe /l:us /! /x

Gary Trotter
Occasional Visitor

Re: RA4100 Firmware

Hi Leon

Thanks for the reply, that worked perfectly!