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RAID 5 limit to 502 GB with Smart Array 5300 Controller

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RAID 5 limit to 502 GB with Smart Array 5300 Controller


Please help! I'm using a HP Server with 9 36.4 GB Harddisks attached to the Smart Array 5300 Controller configured as two logical drives:

Drive1 (RAID 1+0): Port 1, ID 0
Port 1, ID 1

Drive2 (RAID 5): Port 1, ID 2
Port 1, ID 3
Port 1, ID 4
Port 1, ID 5
Port 2, ID 0
Port 2, ID 1
Port 2, ID 2

Now I replaced the 7 disks attached to drive2 with 146GB disks. But after I tried to extend the size of the drive to the max. possible 840078 MB, there are just 514072 MB available. I don't know what's the reason for, but I read about problems with the wrong number of sectors per track. Any solutions?

OS: Windows Server 2003 SP 2
Controller FW: 3.54
ACU Vers.:

Thanks a lot