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RS/12 FC connecting rs/12

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RS/12 FC connecting rs/12

I am working with another tech via land line with the purchase of an RS12. He currently has an RS/12FC running cluster and is looking to purchase an RS/12 to increase his drive space. First question, what cables will he need to connect the RS/12 to the RS/12FC?
Second question, will he be able to see the RS/12 when he connects it or is there some other configurations that need to take place first?

Thanks in advance,
kris rombauts
Honored Contributor

Re: RS/12 FC connecting rs/12

Hi Darren,

have a look here to the rs12/fc tech. reference card:

or here for more documentation :

Basically you need :

- SCSI cables from the RS12/fc backend to the RS12 with VHD 68-Pin Connectors(partnumber see above documentation).

- you need to use the Fc Array Assistant utility to configure the extra disk capacity first at the RS12/FC level and then do the work at the OS level(Windows).

Pls consult the RS12 FC cluster guide to make sure you configure the new LUNs correctly and map them as needed.