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Raid 1 with hot spare on HP 150 ML G3 server

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Raid 1 with hot spare on HP 150 ML G3 server

Hello Friends,

I have a HP ML 150 ML G3 Server. it came with a SAS / SATA Controller.

I installed the system with 3 drive As follow:
Bay 1: 500GB SATA Primary RAID1
Bay 2: 500GB SATA Secondary RAID1
Bay 3: 500GB SATA Hot Spare

My question:
1. what is the real purpose of having Hot Spare?
2. If one of my RAID fails then i can only recreate the array from SAS tool which will have downtime?
3. As i have hot spare will my array will create automatically in hot spare without downtime?
Sorry i am fresh to this server side.

I have configured it but like to know what really meaning of RAID and Hot Spare.

Thanks friends.
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Re: Raid 1 with hot spare on HP 150 ML G3 server


your array should rebuild automatically without downtime, the failed disk should be replaced as soon as possible, always ensure you take regular backups to tape to ensure a fallback in case of double disk failure.