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Raid-Manager-XP (HORCM)

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José Enrique González
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Raid-Manager-XP (HORCM)


I´m starting to admin a server with Raid Manager HPRCM installes, but I've been unable to guess where it is bundled. Is it a part of OpenView? I have OV-OPC (IT/Operations) on my box. I'd also find friendly manuals; all I have is -h command option, which is a poor documentation. Thanks a lot in advance for your comments
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Re: Raid-Manager-XP (HORCM)

RAID Manager XP is a software independent from OV.

You must ask HP to get an installation CD. It is contained in a CPIO file, not Software Distributor.
Oliver Charni
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Re: Raid-Manager-XP (HORCM)


Here you can find a Lot of Doc's for the HP XP Disk Array System's, this includes Documentation for the RAID-Manager:

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Colin Topliss
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Re: Raid-Manager-XP (HORCM)

An FYI for you.....

Depending on the version of raid manager, the lock file is placed in either /tmp (early versions) or /var/tmp (latest version or two).

If you have any regular clear-down scripts for /tmp, please ensure that they do NOT clear the lock file for HORCM - because if it gets deleted, HORCM grinds to a halt.

This isn't (or more accurately wasn't when I came to deal with it) covered in the manuals.