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Removed failed disk


Removed failed disk

I am trying to remove a failed disk from our array. The Array is Raid 1 with an online spare. Disk 1 keeps on failing. The online spare has taken over and rebuilt.

The problem we have is every time we replace the disk it is instantly marked as failed. We suspect either the port or the array controller. We cannot down the server so I cant replace the controller or backplain.

What I would like to do is remove the spare and add it to the array so the Raid 1 array is built on 2 disks one in bay 2 the other in bay 3. Take the drive out of bay 1 put it into bay 4 and assign it as the spare. Then tell the controller to forget about the failed disk in bay 1 and get on with life :)

Is this possible?
Rob Leadbeater
Honored Contributor

Re: Removed failed disk


Giving us a clue as to what sort of array you have would be an idea...


Terry Yeomans
Frequent Advisor

Re: Removed failed disk

Hi Beovax,
If you haven't tried this alread, then you need to delete the disk before replacing a new one. The format is almost identical on different types of HSZ's.


Remove failed disk drive

Insert new disk drive

ADD DISKxxx a b c (where a,b,c = Port, Target and Lun)


ADD SPARESET DISKxxx (making sure that this is the same disk as that which failed originally).

Regards Terry.

Re: Removed failed disk

I will give this a try

Re: Removed failed disk

doesnt look like it will work. We only seem to have the option to remove online spares, logical drives and arrays. We need to remove the failed disk.

I appreciate this is an odd request, and usually just swapping the drive would cause the array to rebuild. As the slot has failed this isnt an option. If we put the disk in another slot it is ok, but still shows the failed drive in slot 1.

Just incase someone knows a magica command here is some more info on the configuration.

Single array with 1 logical drive. Configured as a mirrored pair RAID 1, with an online spare.

Array controller P400 firmware V5.20 using array configuration utility (gui & cli)