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Disk Arrays
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Removing an Array

Jeff Scheffler
Occasional Contributor

Removing an Array

I have a Netserver with a Netserver Rack Storage 8 attached. I have 2 arrays configured on this unit, I want to remove the 2nd array (3-18gb drives) completely. I am having difficulty removing the array.
Franco Cenati
Valued Contributor

Re: Removing an Array

Hi Jeff

If the computer you are using has WinNT4.0 or Win2k, you can install latest version of NetRAID Assistant A.02.02. This version let you delete a Logical Disc and his array starting from last created.
So if you have 2 Array, you can delete the second, you cannot delete the first.
if you need to download the NRA A.02.02 file this is the URL

If you have other operating system, there is another procedure which is longer to explain.
So, let me know if you need a solution for different NOS.