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Removing dynamically EVA8K LUNs from Solaris 10 / VxVM4.1

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Removing dynamically EVA8K LUNs from Solaris 10 / VxVM4.1

Hello experts,

EVA8k - Host is Sol10 with 2 Qlogic HBAs (Sun drivers) - Veritas VxVM 4.1 + DMP

I'm having troubles removing LUNs dynamically (without rebooting)

One LUN is seen through 8 pathes on my host
I can offline 7 pathes out of 8 using 'luxadm -e offline' but one of them fails to be offlined with IO error

#/ > luxadm -e offline /dev/dsk/c2t5000xxx61AAEd3s2
devctl: I/O error

i suspect Veritas (if veritas is not started, everything works fine. )..

However, under VxVM, i've offlined the device, set all the DMP pathes in disabled state, remove the device.. still luxadm fails

Specific ASL for EVA8k are installed :

#/ > pkginfo | grep VRTSHP
system VRTSHP-EVA-apm Array Policy Module for HP EVA(3k, 4k, 5k, 6k, 8k) Arrays.
system VRTSHP-EVA-asl Array Support Library for HP EVA (3k, 4k, 5k, 6k, 8k) Arrays.

Any idea ?