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Replacing all old hard disk with new one on HP VA7100 Array.

Narendra Uttekar
Regular Advisor

Replacing all old hard disk with new one on HP VA7100 Array.

I am having 3 VA7100 Array with hard disk capacity of 36GB. Now we are planning to replace all the 36GB hard disk in 2 VA7100 Array with 73GB. And all the 3 Array are connected directly to one HP-UX server with FC cables. And we have RAID 5 configuration on each Array.
I have to first take the full backup and then remove all the old disk from array and put the new one. And then create and allocate LUN’s to server, create file system and then restore the full backup. Is there any other way to replace the disk?
I want to know can I directly remove all the old hard disk from 2 Array and then put the new hard disk. And then create and allocate the LUN’s. Or is there anything I need to follow the procedure for replacing the hard disk in array? And also can i remove the old hard disk on my own from array and put new one or else i have to ask HP technician to replace the disk?

Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Replacing all old hard disk with new one on HP VA7100 Array.

If you would replace one by one online, it could take weeks or months.

So if you want to replace them all at one time, I would record all the settings, export all the VGs, format the array, swap the disks, format again and then create the configuration (on VA and servers) and finally restore the data.

Hope this helps!

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