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Restoring a datastore with exchange 2007 from consistent snap

Adam Garsha
Valued Contributor

Restoring a datastore with exchange 2007 from consistent snap

Let us say that you have a consistent point-in-time set of snapshots of datastore and log filesystems LUNs on an exchange 2007 mailbox server. All taken at once.

But they are only crash-consistent. No exchange queisce at snap time.

Has anyone had success restoring/activating the mailbox database on an alternate recovery box node? e.g. using steps such as these:

An example similar would be if you CA your disks sync to another site and now your primary site is gone in a point-in-time-disaster and you need to use your hot/fuzzy but consistent LUNs to build your way back (or maybe only need to get one mailbox out).

Anybody have a recipe for pulling out a mailbox from hot/fuzzy but consistent database/log copy of exchange 2007 LUNs?