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SC10 arrays

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gaynor collinson
Occasional Contributor

SC10 arrays

Hi everyone

I need a little help here allocating some storage. I have 2 * sc10 array, 1 * N class and 1 * L class both with 2 * dual port scsi cards.

on each sc10 there are 2 bcc's with an(a) and (b) scsi connection. I want to put the 2 servers in a cluster but unsure how I need to cable them and how to set the id's so that I don't get any conflicts.

I have gone through the sc10 manual to see how I can set full bus, I was hoping though to get some more detailed configuration examples

Am I correct in saying that to get a reasonable level of high availability I need to

L Class

connect 1 half of the scsi to (a) on the 1st sc10
connect 1 half of the 2nd scsi to (a) on the 2nd sc10

Does it matter if I use the top or bottom bcc ?

N Class

same as above

Both sc10 set to full bus, that would mean I would be able to see 20 disks from each host. / 2 when I mirror.

What If I wanted alternate paths to the disks though ? Would I connect like the below

L Class

1 side of the 1st dual scsi to (a) (top bcc) on the 1st sc10
2nd side of the 1st dual scsi to (a) (top bcc) on the 2nd sc10
2 side of the 1st dual scsi to (a) (bottom bcc) on the 1st sc10
2 side of the 2nd dual scsi to (a) (bottom bcc) on the 2nd sc10

For the N Class replace (a) (bcc) with (b) (bcc)

That would mean I would be using all of the connections on the array and on my servers.

Hope I have explained well enough

Thanks in advance

Ian Vaughan
HPE Blogger

Re: SC10 arrays

Have a look at this manual - lots of diagrams.
Are you going to run serviceguard on the N & L-class boxes?
Let us know how you get on.
Hope that helps - please click "Thumbs up" for Kudos if it does
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