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SCSI Reserve

Nigel Poulton
Respected Contributor

SCSI Reserve

Can anybody tell me how to see if a SCSI-2 reserve exists on a disk.

I have a tool that will check for SCSI-3 persistent reserves and I have a tool that will let me send SCSI-2 commands to a LUN. However, Im not sure which SCSI command I should send and how to interpret the output.

Below is an example output I have received after sending a TEST UNIT READY command to a LUN (Im not sure this is even the right command to issue). Of there is another SCSI command I should issue or a tool that will check for me please let me know -

Scsi Address
Length : 0x8
PortNumber : 0x2
PathId : 0x0
TargetId : 0x1
Lun : 0x0
test unit ready \\.\PhysicalDrive1
Scsi status: 00h, Bytes returned: 50h, Data buffer length: 0h

print spt:
Length : 44
ScsiStatus : 0
PathId : 8
TargetId : 1
Lun : 0
CdbLength : 6
SenseInfoLength : 0
DataIn : 1
DataTransferLength : 0
TimeOutValue : 2
DataBufferOffset : 50h
SenseInfoOffset : 30h
OperationCode : 0h
Immediate : 0h
CommandUniqueBits : 0h
LogicalUnitNumber : 0h
CommandUniqueBytes0: 0h
CommandUniqueBytes1: 0h
CommandUniqueBytes2: 0h
Link : 0h
Flag : 0h
Reserved : 0h
VendorUnique : 0h
sense info:
Scsi status: 00h

Also, can anybody tell me if MSCS running Windows server 2003 uses SCSI-3 persistent reserves or traditional SCSI-2 reserves?


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