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Secure Path

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Nat Snook
Occasional Contributor

Secure Path

Can anyone tell me how to quiesce a path or controller after it has been reported failed?

in spmgr display the path is failed... this is correct since i have removed permissions on the HSG for this server in order to protect from accidental mount.

Controller Path_Instance HBA Preferred? Path_Status
ZG11907074 no
hsx-2637-37-14 qla2300-1 no ****FAILED
hsx-6061-36-14 qla2300-0 no ****FAILED

but now /var/adm/messages is always reporting the failed paths....

so i want to quiesce them but....

SJER2043DGS:# spmgr quiesce -c ZG04205911
Error: Device mounted or otherwise busy.

SJER2043DGS:# spmgr quiesce -p hsx-6061-36-14
Error: Device mounted or otherwise busy.

any ideas? can i force a quiesce?

thanks Nat
Nat Snook
Occasional Contributor

Re: Secure Path

Sorry i realise this should be in the storage section... not sure how to move it tho.
florence mathon lermusi
Trusted Contributor

Re: Secure Path

Hello Nat,

As far as I remember, the thing is that you have to quiesce the controller before disabling the HW access.

You can't force it afterwards...


Nat Snook
Occasional Contributor

Re: Secure Path

:-( thanks