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Server software logging suspended

D. Versluis
Occasional Contributor

Server software logging suspended


In the syslog I get the following message:
syslog: HP Advanced Disk Array serial number ?: Server software logging

Can anyone tells me what this is?

(When I type arraydsp -i, I get:
Arrays known to the ARMServer:
Array with S/N: 000000377C2F Alias: AUTORAID)


Ben Boutalib
Occasional Advisor

Re: Server software logging suspended

workaround to fix that problem :

1) stop the array daemon (kill ARMServer)
2) remove everything in the log directory (/var/opt/hparray/log)
3) touch LOGCATLG (in /var/opt/hparray/log)
4) restarting the array daemon (ARMServer)

good luck