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Setup hardware array with a NetServer RS/12 D5955A

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Setup hardware array with a NetServer RS/12 D5955A

Hi, to all
first, excuse me in advance for my english.

i'm trying to setting up a cluster with a NetServer RS/12 D5955A under linux. Using Linux Raid Software all ok, but i want to do an harwdare raid :\
I've searched linux utilities but i've found nothing, so i've downloaded windows utilities and installed over my win machine, but when i start netraid assistant and i select local machine (i've tried view only and full access) i get an error :\
NetRaid Assistent exit saying that it can't connect to the server :\
I've tryed to start NetRaid service in Win Service List but it don't start :\

Someone know why?

PS: there are 10 scsi disk into netserver (7*9.1gb and 3*36gb)
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Re: Setup hardware array with a NetServer RS/12 D5955A

a little correction
isin't a D5955A but is a D5955B ^^
Serviceguard for Linux
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Re: Setup hardware array with a NetServer RS/12 D5955A

For others who may read this - the D5955A is the NetRaid/3si HBA. The RS/12 is the external JBOD that is used with this HBA.

This HBA was designed to handle shared storage with Microsoft Cluster Server. it was never designed to do general purpose shared storage. If there is a driver for this card for Linux, I would not try clustering with it. There were certain features in the Windows driver that were proprietary that I would not expect to see in the Linux driver.

While Software Raid with MD can be made to work, it was not designed to handle shared storage. You need to be careful.