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Smart Array P400 Logging Event ID 24674 CISSESRV Errors

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Occasional Contributor

Smart Array P400 Logging Event ID 24674 CISSESRV Errors

Hi All.


I have a DL380 G5 [Win2K8] with P400 Smart Array. Recently I had to do a disk replacement on a 3 disk RAID 5. The rebuild worked fine and the system seems to be running properly, BUT, I am getting the following [always 10 at a time] in logs:


Event ID 24674 Cissesrv Error


Array controller P400 located in server slot 1 is reporting inconsistent data that was previously consistent. The parity data does not match the data drives. The inconsistent data may be caused by a power loss during write activity or by a drive returning corrupt data. The inconsistent data is between block address 219659008 and block address 219659263 of logical drive 1.


The block addresses increase every time entries are logged. I can force the log entries by rebooting the server.


Any way to rebuild the parity data?


Any help would be appreciated.



Occasional Contributor

Re: Smart Array P400 Logging Event ID 24674 CISSESRV Errors

Fixed the problem by rebuilding the parity data - I did that by changing the stripe size (to 128).