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Some Windows 2012 iscsi connections show up as "IsPersistent : False"

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Some Windows 2012 iscsi connections show up as "IsPersistent : False"

I have a Windows 2012 Hyper-v cluster (2 x DL385 G8) attached to a P2000 G3 iscsi array, and although everything seems to be ok, I'm perplexed as to why several of my iSCSI sessions  show up in Powershell (Get-IscsiSession) showing  the field of "IsPersistent : False"


Where others reflect "IsPersistent : True"


I have 3 dedicated iSCSI NICS (no MS Client & no File and Print sharing configured)


I am using the Microsoft iSCSI initiator and all my connections show up in the Favourite Targets tab.



All connections were configured in the same fashion via the MPIO GUI, and MPIO is active.


My P2000 G3 iscsi controllers are on FW  "TS250R023", my vdisk mappings are explicit and the 4 x host ports on each controller have IP addresses in the same subnet.



Any advice would be welcome.