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Spare disk removal induced loss of Raid 5 configuration

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Spare disk removal induced loss of Raid 5 configuration

Here is my configuration :
DL380 G3 server
Smart ARRAY card 6404/256
First array with 2 disks(36,4 Gb) in server
Second array with 4 disks(72 GB) in DAS bay

One of the 4 disks is designed as a spare disk.
After removing the spare disk, the other 3 disks went "blinking" and the connection to the Windows partition was lost.

After rebooting, the smart array said that the 3 data disks needed replacement.
Until now , I've tested :
* move of the disks in server
* move of the disks to other DAS bay
* removal and connection to integrated 5i card
* switch to an other 6400 card
but nothing worked

I shall receive a new smart array card tomorrow from HP but I don't think it will help

Has anyone an idea on how to "recover" my partition ? or must I really assume that my data are lost ?

thanking you all for your further help