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Unable to Auto Repair Failed Raid Drive

Occasional Advisor

Unable to Auto Repair Failed Raid Drive

I have an HP Proliant DL380 (G3) running MS Windows 2000 Advanced Server using Smart Array 5i controller with six 146 Gb SCSI drives running Raid 5.

One of the drives failed and replaced with another HP 146 Gb SCSI drive, but it did not rebuild. The new drive is seen by the server but does not join the existing array and rebuild.

I have tried firmware updates on all drives and the Smart Array 5i controller but still nothing.

Any help on this will be very appreciated, i'm trying to avoid backing everything up and rebuilding, but i have a feeling that's going to end up happening.

I have attached screen shots from ACU.


Re: Unable to Auto Repair Failed Raid Drive

Did you put it in the same slot, the old drive looks like its at scsi id 13 and the new one is at scsi id 5.

I think the scsi Id's is the problem.

Occasional Advisor

Re: Unable to Auto Repair Failed Raid Drive

Exact same slot. I also noticed that and couldnt figure out why the SCSI Id were different.