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Unable to find RAID disk when installing Win2000/NT4

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Unable to find RAID disk when installing Win2000/NT4

While installing NT4 or Win2K on the NetServer LH4 with the integrated NetRAID controller then an error message displayed:

Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer.

Make sure any hard disk drives are powered on and properly connected to your computer .......

It was no problem before loading the lastest BIOS and firmware on the NetServer Navigator CD version M.02.00.

Attached is the hardware inventory report for reference.


Re: Unable to find RAID disk when installing Win2000/NT4

How are you attempting to load the OS? You probably won't be successful using a boot off the CD. Use the 3 NT setup floppies, make sure you also have the driver disk made from the Navigator CD. As you go into Disk 2, I think, it says something like "Setup will attempt...blah blah". Setup wants to dsetect your hardware.

Skip this step, "S" to skip...the "S" to specify your own drivers. First specify IDE CDROM and choose this from the listof drivers NT gives you. Next choose to add another driver, but this time load the NetRAID driver from the driver disk you made.

After that the rest of the install should go as normal (provided the NetRAID and HDDs are setup, etc). If you need to add another SCSI driver, like for a tape drive, just do it after the install.

Good luck!
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Re: Unable to find RAID disk when installing Win2000/NT4

Finally I succussfully installed NT4 by using the auto NOS setup function in the HP navigator CD but manual setup still cannot find the RAID even loaded the drivers for RAID controller and SCSI adapter.