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Ungrouping question for EVA 5000

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Jeremy C
Regular Advisor

Ungrouping question for EVA 5000

EVA 5000 (3.028)

I'm having to ungroup a lot of smaller (72GB) drives to upgrade to 300GB drives. I've read that I should only ungroup one disk at a time, but do I need to wait for it to finish leveling afterward (3 or 4 days) before ungrouping another disk? Or is it safe to ungroup the next disk once the ungrouping has completed and the leveling has begun?

Honored Contributor

Re: Ungrouping question for EVA 5000

yes, the ungroup and leveling are 2 separate processes and you can continue to ungroup afther you see the previous ungroupped disk in the ungroupped section of the CommandViewEVA
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