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Update management module firmware of EVA 4400 without using web UI ?

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Update management module firmware of EVA 4400 without using web UI ?

I have a EVA 4400 in my home lab on which I need to update the management module firmware. After the last update, the function for updating the firmware in the web control panel no longer works. As earlier, I get the first page where I can select the ABM-file, press Next and the file is uploaded. After a while, the next screen shows an error message saying http 404 (as part of the page) and a text box with access denied. I am logged in as admin.


To make sure that the ABM-file is not damaged, I have even tried re-installing the same file that is now running on the EVA. Same error. I can upload whatever content, same error.


Seems like the update-function in the EVA management module itself is damaged.


Is there any other way to update the management module firmware ? Currently my mgm mod firmware is too old compared to the controller firmware, and I am not able to administer the EVA.