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Upgrading EVA3000 to EVA4100

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Upgrading EVA3000 to EVA4100

We have two 2C2D EVA3000 (active/passive) with Continouous access that were purchased a few years ago, but put were put into production only months ago. We are considering an upgrade to active/active (VCS 4.X) or moving to EVA4100. The second scenerio is obviously more complex and expensive, but should eventually payoff. My question is what hardware/software components need to be replaced or retained in moving to EVA4100? My concern is recabling. Having two sites with continous access should simplify the upgrade.
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Rob Leadbeater
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Re: Upgrading EVA3000 to EVA4100


See the Q&A section here:

"...upgrading from an EVA3000 or EVA5000 requires the replacement of the controllers, loop switches and I/O modules and EMUs..."

So pretty much everything except the disk enclosures and disks.

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Re: Upgrading EVA3000 to EVA4100

Hi, Upgrade is very expensive ( new upgrade price for SLA)
Try to use an Trade up or buy a new and sell the old one to HP TVS.

Hope that help