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Use Bundled VxVM 3.5m Base on HPUX11i with EVA - StorageWorks Storage

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Use Bundled VxVM 3.5m Base on HPUX11i with EVA - StorageWorks Storage

I actually posted this on HP-UX (LVM) but it mysteriously disappeared. So here it is again:

I've been testing the base VxVM with HSV110/HSG80 LUN's with virtually no incident. At times it is faster than LVM. The only issue I encounter is whenever a system is rebooted, the VxVM DiskGroups on these LUN's don't automatically re-appear (same issue with LVM). This is attributed to SecurePath loading late -- and which can be easily remedied by an rc2. script to start the Diskgroups and mount the filesystems (same workaround suggested by HP for the LVM problem with SecurePath 3.0B SP1...)

Anyone has tried this yet? I have an open ticket with HP which has remained unanswered the past 3 days. We do not intend to use the full blown VxVM (DMP, Hotsparing, mirrors, RAIding, etc..) as we don't need them obviously as SecurePath provides Path protection and load balancing and the Array provides LUN protection.... It is just VxVM is so easy for us than LVM and we've already established headware and scripts (from our Solaris environments...).

Thanks !
Hakuna Matata.