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Using MSA20 on IBM xseries 235 server

Occasional Visitor

Using MSA20 on IBM xseries 235 server

We're needing to add archive storage. Could any tell me if I could add a MSA20 disk array to our IBM xSeries 235 server with the HP sa-6402 controller card?
Also will I be able to create a RAID 5 set-up using the IBM serveRAID software?
Thanks for any advice.
Rob Leadbeater
Honored Contributor

Re: Using MSA20 on IBM xseries 235 server


I've never tried it, but I suspect you'll run into problems with a SmartArray card in an xSeries box.

You would have to use the HP software (ACU or ORCA) to configure the array rather than the IBM software. I'm sure I've seen people post here before that this software fails to find the controller when used in a non-HP server.