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Using rp5405 internal disks in a DS2300?

Sam Nicholls_1
Occasional Contributor

Using rp5405 internal disks in a DS2300?

A disk upgrade on our rp5405 servers has left us with several 36GB 15K internal disk modules (A6846A).

Can these disks be used in a DS2100 or DS2300? The only visible difference is the internal disks don't have the same quick-release handle as the DS2300 disks.

If they cannot be used in the DS???? arrays, is there any other type of enclosure that they can be used with.

Oleg Khoroshylov
Frequent Advisor

Re: Using rp5405 internal disks in a DS2300?


Difference is form-factor: disks for rp5405 are half-height (HH), disks for DSXXXX enclosure are low-profile (LP).

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