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VA7100 - Disks scrubbing in Process

Jerzy Muszynski
Occasional Visitor

VA7100 - Disks scrubbing in Process

It is possible to stop manually active disk scrubbing process ?

Hoang Chi Cong_1
Honored Contributor

Re: VA7100 - Disks scrubbing in Process

Hi man.

SCRUBBING means that the storage array is verify all of the disks (there is additional check data at the end of each disk block for end-to-end verification) and the meta data.
This action is automatically so that you can not stop it by manual.
Anyway, you can set in the array configuration: Using Commanview SDM go to Configuration-->Rebuild-->Priority--> select Low option.
Then the array just do the scrubbing action when the VA nearly in "free" status.
When the VA is busy, it will not do scrubbing.

Hope this helps.

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