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VA7100 Setup help

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Rao Uppuluri

VA7100 Setup help

We have recently purchased a rp4440-8 and a VA7100 disk system. RP came pre-loaded with HPUX 11.11 and the HP engineer attached the VA7100 with Fibre Cards. This system to is going to host a oracle database.
I need some help,

1. I want to know how can I setup adnd carve out luns on VA7100? Is there a manual I can read to do this or can a kind soul on this forum help me with the steps, please? When I tried to access VA7100 through SAM, I got an error about array software utilities not being present. (We currently use AutoRAID 12H and I setup volume groups on it myself.)

2. I want to re-partition my VG00 group. I am thinking of creating a Ignite tape, using make_tape_recovery, boot the system off of it and partition my root volume group again. (Please note, I have never done the above before on any machine) Please let me know if this proecedure works? Also, what would be the make_tape_recovery command I use for this task? (is -A enough?)

Thank you for your help.
Pete Randall
Outstanding Contributor

Re: VA7100 Setup help


1. I believe you need to load the "hp StorageWorks command view sdm" software in order to work with your VA7100. See for more info. You may have to consult your HP rep to obtain a copy of this product.

2. Ignite is exactly the tool you need to re-partion vg00. Run your "make_tape_recovery -a /dev/rmt/0mn -I -v -x inc_entire=vg00", then boot off the tape and interact with the install process to re-allocate the logical volumes in vg00. Any other VGs will need to be re-imported when you're done.


Frequent Advisor

Re: VA7100 Setup help

Hi Rao,
I would with Pete's idea.Moreover you can create the LUN thru the serial is the steps:
1.Connect a laptop or PC,Proliant server...whatever to VA with a serial cable came with VA
2.Start the hyperterminal
3.issue the command "fmt" to format VA
4.create the lun with command "cfg" can issue "command -?" to get related help info
6.use security manager to present lun or just disable security manager
7.issue "ioscan -fnC disk" at the hpux prompt
Hope that help!
Regular Advisor

Re: VA7100 Setup help


The make recovery command should be like this;

make_tape_recovery â a -I â x inc_entire=vg00

-I Cause the system recovery process to be interactive when
booting from the tape.
Hope this helps.

Regular Advisor

Re: VA7100 Setup help

My earlier reply doesn't looks good. Here it is;

make_tape_recovery -a -I -x inc_entire=vg00.

Tim D Fulford
Honored Contributor

Re: VA7100 Setup help


Once you get round to carving up your va7100. You will need to make some choices. From previous experience...

0 - Make sure you have the latest version of the F/W & S/W. I think HP19 for controllers & SDM CommandView V 1.08
1 - Use HPAutoRAID mode rather than RAID1+0, even if you intend to the system wholy in RAID1+0. If you intend to use RAID1+0 put system in HPAutoRAID & assign just slightly more than 45% of the space (so 90% is used). Alternively, assign a small ammount, 20% (so 40% is actually used). There are some "funnies" when you assign space between these 20 & 45% during disk failures. It is best to avoid this "occupancy" range if you want to keep performance as high as possible during a disk failure.
2 - As per manuals, you can only assign up to 90% of the space available... do remember this!
3 - The disks you bought are listed in "marketing" giga-bytes. So you will need to convert these into real computing GB. This means you need to remove 10% or so of the disk size. so 36GB disk is actually 33 GB or so. (and then a further 10% is reserved, so 30GB!!)
4 - Increase the LVM timeouts to 60 seconds on each LV you create.

good luck

D Block 2
Respected Contributor

Re: VA7100 Setup help

are you planning to load oracle 10g using ASM ?

have you also MIRROR'ed your vg00 logical volumes ?

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